Fundraising For PAWS Chicago: Your Money, My NU DVDs

Hello, fellow Wildcat fans. In 2015, I will be racing in the Ironman Racine 70.3 and Ironman Wisconsin on behalf of TEAM PAWS and PAWS Chicago. In an effort to raise money for PAWS, I am offering copies of Northwestern football and basketball DVDs in exchange for your donations.

All games only $10 each for a limited time

Why PAWS Chicago?
I adopted my dog from PAWS Chicago five years ago and they are hard at work finding homes for the stray dogs and cats of Chicago. TEAM PAWS’ goal for the 2014 racing season is to save 2,000 more cats and dogs this year that would otherwise become a tragic statistic. Funds raised by TEAM PAWS support PAWS Chicago’s national No Kill model, dedicated to ending the unnecessary killing of homeless pets. By rescuing and treating homeless pets and finding them loving new homes, PAWS is saving more than 5,800 lives every year. PAWS also focuses on prevention, providing nearly 18,000 low cost/free spay or neuter surgeries in low-income communities where most stray and unwanted pets originate. As one of the largest No Kill shelters in the nation and a national model, PAWS is dedicated to sharing best practices and lifesaving strategies with people and organizations across the country. 

$15 covers the cost of a micro-chip to help reunite lost pets with their families
$25 funds daily laundering of all toys, towels and pet beds
$32 stocks our Kitty City Cat Wing with litter for one day
$35 gives the gift of cleaning supplies for one day
$65 covers the cost of X-rays for an injured dog or cat
$75 provides intravenous fluids for one sick dog or cat for one week
$86 sponsors a spay/neuter surgery to help prevent over pet population
$150 fuels our transport vehicles so we can rescue more animals from the city pound and neighboring shelters
$175 funds medication and care for an upper respiratory for one kitten or puppy
$250 cares for one healthy puppy or kitten from arrival through adoption
$400 funds the treatment of Ring worm
$600 stocks our center with medication
$800 funds the treatment of Heartworm
$1,200 funds critical care to an animal with life-threatening injuries

To donate:
More information on PAWS Chicago:

How does it work?
1) You go to the link above and donate to Team PAWS on my donation page.
2) After a few minutes, you will receive a confirmation email. Forward this email to along with your name, shipping address, and which DVD(s) you would like. If you do not receive a confirmation email, leave the confirmation page open, take a screenshot, and email that to me. If you entered your name during the donation process and did not submit it anonymously, I will also be able to see who made the donation.
3) I mail you the requested DVD(s).

How much do I have to donate?
For a limited time, every game is only $10.

If you want a lot of games, please email me first.

First game: $15*
Additional games: $10
*2014 Notre Dame is $20 because it comes on 3 DVDs


3 games, none of which is 2014 Notre Dame, is a $35 donation
3 games, one of which is 2014 Notre Dame, is a $40 donation
3 games, two of which are 2014 Notre Dame, is a $50 donation.

If you have any questions, please email me at northwesternhighlights at before placing your donation.

Please note that the contributions are per game and not per DVD. Some games come on 2 DVDs, but those do not require an additional contribution. One game is one game regardless of whether it comes on 1 or 2 DVDs.

When will I get my DVDs?
I'll mail them out within several days via USPS First Class mail. If you request more than a few games and it coincides with other people requesting games or me being out of town, it could take a few additional days.

How will the DVDs be shipped?
I will use DVD mailers and ship through USPS. Each DVD will be protected in a sleeve. I can only fit 2 or 3 DVDs in each envelope, so you may receive multiple DVD mailers.

How is the video quality?
The quality varies from DVD to DVD. Older pre-HD televised games have mostly been transferred from VHS tapes. The HD era games come in 16:9 format, but fall short of HD quality. 2011-2013 games will look a bit better than earlier ones. HD games broadcast on ESPN also tend to look a little better than those on BTN.

Are the DVDs perfect?
No. Keep in mind that many of these games came to me from various sources, some on VHS, some on one DVD, others on two. A few broadcasts were joined in-progress so the game may not be complete. Please understand that while I will do what I can to get you what you want, this is for charity and not a business.

What if I’m overseas?
It would be best if you email me directly first so I can check postage rates and customs restrictions.

Will the DVDs play on my DVD player?
I cannot 100% guarantee that they will be compatible, as there may be some issues with older models, particularly cheaper ones. However, they will be readable on your computer and I have not come across any incompatibilities myself.

Can I donate a lesser amount without getting a DVD?
You sure can. The site has a minimum donation amount of $5. Any donation will be much appreciated.

Does all of my donation go to PAWS?
Yes. I am paying for the blank DVD, mailer, and shipping, so 100% of your donation goes directly to PAWS Chicago. I make no money from this.

Are there refunds if something is wrong with my DVD?
The donations are non-refundable. However, I will work with you to find a replacement. I will try to double check each burned DVD to make sure it works. If for some reason a particular original is faulty, I will send you a different game of your choice.

Are my donations tax deductible?
I majored in cultural anthropology, so you may want to ask someone else. You will receive PAWS Chicago's tax ID in the confirmation email, however. So yes, I assume.

What if I have a question that you haven't answered?
Email me directly at

From which DVDs can I choose?
These are the DVDs I currently have to offer. Quality may vary. More recent games come on one or two 8.5gb dual layer DVD+R discs.

1943 – Ohio State
1958 – Washington State
1961 – Boston College (missing one scoring drive)
1992-1994 Highlights (produced by Northwestern)
1995 – Notre Dame
1995 – Michigan

1995 – Wisconsin
1995 – Penn State (BTN)
1995 – Iowa (2 DVDs)
1996 – Rose Bowl (ESPN Classic)
1995 – Taking The Purple To Pasadena
1995 – A Season To Remember
1996 – Duke
1996 – Michigan (2 DVDs)
1996 – Wisconsin (2 DVDs)
1997 – Citrus Bowl (ESPN Classic)
1997 – Michigan State (ESPN Classic)
2000 – Wisconsin (BTN)
2000 – Michigan State
2000 – Minnesota (BTN)
2000 – Michigan (BTN or original on 2 DVDs)
2000 – Illinois (2 DVDs)
2001 – Michigan State (2 DVDs)
2003 – Wisconsin (2 DVDs)
2003 – Illinois (2 DVDs)
2004 – Ohio State (2 DVDs)
2004 – Indiana
2004 – Purdue (2 DVDs)
2004 – Penn State
2004 – Illinois
2005 – Ohio
2005 – NIU
2005 – Wisconsin (2 DVDs)
2005 – Michigan State (2 DVDs)
2005 – Iowa (2 DVDs)
2005 – Illinois (2 DVDs)

2006 – Illinois (BTN classic game)
2008 – 2009 – Every win (minus Duke 2008)
2010 – ESPN College GameDay from Wrigley Field
2010 – 2014 – Ever regular season and bowl game, including the Gator Bowl, with the exception of 2010 at Rice (some are on 2 DVDs)
 Season highlights (see below)
2013 – ESPN College GameDay
2014 – Notre Dame 3 DVD set with The Pat Fitzgerald Show and The Journey

2012 highlights from each win with WGN Radio audio and the 16 minute top plays video (every highlight video you see on my site for the 2012 season) on a single dual layer DVD.

– Notre Dame (3/17 NIT)
1986-1987 – Michigan State (1/26 – BTN classic game)
1987-1988 – Indiana (1/11)
2003-2004 – Illinois (1/14 - BTN classic game)
2004-2005 – Iowa (1/26)
2008-2009 – Michigan State (1/21)
2008-2009 – Purdue (3/4)
2009-2010 – Notre Dame (11/27)
2009-2010 – Iowa State (11/28)
2009-2010 – NC State (12/1)
2009-2010 – Stanford (12/19)
2009-2010 – Michigan (1/10)
2009-2010 – Purdue (1/16)
2009-2010 – Illinois (1/23)
2009-2010 – Michigan (2/2)
2009-2010 – Indiana (2/7)
2009-2010 – Minnesota (2/14)
2009-2010 – Iowa (2/25)
2009-2010 – Indiana (3/11 BTT)
2010-2011 – Creighton (11/28)
2010-2011 – Georgia Tech (11/30)
2010-2011 – Indiana (1/9)
2010-2011 – Iowa (1/12)
2010-2011 – Michigan (1/18)
2010-2011 – Illinois (2/5)
2010-2011 – Iowa (2/17)
2010-2011 – Indiana (2/19)
2010-2011 – Minnesota (3/2)
2010-2011 – Minnesota (3/10 BTT)
2010-2011 – UW Milwaukee (3/16 NIT)
2010-2011 – Boston College (3/19 NIT)
2011-2012 – LSU (11/17)
2011-2012 – Tulsa (11/18)
2011-2012 – Seton Hall (11/20)
2011-2012 – Georgia Tech (11/29)
2011-2012 – Penn State (1/1)
2011-2012 – Michigan State (1/14)
2011-2012 – Nebraska (2/2)
2011-2012 – Illinois (2/5)
2011-2012 – Iowa (2/9)
2011-2012 – Minnesota (2/18)
2011-2012 – Penn State (2/25)
2011-2012 – Iowa (3/3)
2011-2012 – Akron (3/13 NIT)
2012-2013 – Illinois State (11/24)
2012-2013 – Baylor (12/4)
2012-2013 – Penn State (1/10)
2012-2013 – Illinois (1/17)
2012-2013 – Minnesota (1/23)
2012-2013 – Purdue (2/2)
2013-2014 – Illinois (1/12)
2013-2014 – Indiana (1/18)
2013-2014 – Purdue (1/21)
2013-2014 – Wisconsin (1/29)
2013-2014 – Minnesota (2/1)
2013-2014 – Purdue (3/9)
2013-2014 – Iowa (3/13 BTT)
2014-2015 – Rutgers (12/30) 
2014-2015 – Iowa (2/15)
2014-2015 – Penn State (2/21)
2014-2015 – Indiana (2/25)
2014-2015 – Michigan (3/3)


2013 – Northwestern soccer: Messi & Friends at Soldier Field (7/6)

Misc. Notes:
-All 2007 and later games originally broadcast in HD are in 16:9 format

-Some menus for games in recent years may have errors, specifically an inability to jump directly to a specific quarter, but the full game will still play.
-Games from before 2008 do not come with menus and were originally either VHS transfers or came to me from other people.
-I cannot offer refunds to donations, so if you have any questions, please email me at before donating and I can check specific DVDs.

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