Northwestern Wildcats Basketball vs. Indiana Hoosiers - 3/11/10

The Northwestern Wildcats defeat the Indiana Hoosiers 73-58 at the Conseco Fieldhouse in Indianapolis in the first round of the 2010 Big Ten Tournament.

March 11, 2010


JoshuaR said...

I was referred to your blog by 'Sippin on Purple'. Do you have any full basketball games from last season you could share? This could be by either loading them to youtube, burning a DVD or sending them (zip file would work best I think).

If so, please let me know. Thanks! said...

I do have some full games from last season. If I recall correctly, I have DVDs of the Iowa State, Notre Dame, and Stanford wins, as well as all of the Big Ten wins.

They'd be much too large to send electronically, as I have them each on 8.5gb DVDs (that should play in any DVD player). Plus I'd have to rip the DVDs I have and convert them into a playable format, which would take a lot of time. I could make copies of any games on DVD that you'd like, though. The DVDs cost about $1, so $1 each for each game plus $5 for shipping would be reasonable. The more games, the longer it would take, but I could get them done in less than a week.

Just send me an email at NorthwesternHighlights at

JoshuaR said...

Thanks. There is no way you would take the time to upload them to youtube? If not, I fully understand but figured I would ask.

If you don't feel like uploading any of last years games, would you be willing to do it for the upcoming games? Not every game, just a few here and there?

I realize this is a big favor to ask so no big deal if you aren't up to it. said...

It actually would be a lot more work. The problem is dividing them up into clips to fit within YouTube's time constraints and then uploading them. With my connection, it takes about 2 hours to upload each clip, so it would be using up my bandwidth for a while.

I'm also a bit concerned about putting any full games up there for copyright reasons. I'm fortunate right now that I haven't been asked to take down any highlight clips so far, but full games might get someone's attention.

With 5-6 games on ESPN this year, though, it's likely those games will be archived on

JoshuaR said...

I understand your thoughts. I know some Gonzaga games have been uploaded to youtube, that's why I thought it would be okay.

No worries that you don't want to put in the time, I totally understand.